LETTER 19 Nov 1993
                                ROSS - 4
                            19 November 1993
                      Copyright (C) 1993 Bob Ross
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     Dear Homer, (You have my permission to put this on the net as my
letter to you.)
     Here's a slightly edited copy of a letter to my fried Connie
Hamilton, per her comments.
     I've started auditing on the cuff, someone whom I've know for
several years as he has helped me with my VW car engine.  He had no
auditing but had been pushed into family counselling with suppressive
family counsellors as a result of his failure to predict the results of
his own non-violent actions.  In a public parking lot, he had threatened
and tried to march his ten year old step-daughter in to see the manager
of a supermarket, saying I think that the manager would call the police.
He did this when he discovered that she had stolen some fifty cent item
form the store.
     The girl screamed and tried to throw herself on the ground, but he
held her up.  People attracted by the screams almost lynched him.  Some
people were saying that they had seen him beating and kicking her on the
ground and other imagined actions and a lynch mob was forming.  As a
result, he had two years of hell from child welfare and court
authorities and spent time in jail.  Before he finally got a lawyer who
was able to talk the judge into dropping the whole thing.  It was a case
of charges being sufficient.  i.e.  Guilty unless proven innocent.
     I've known this guy for several years from working on my car engine
with him.  So, I know him as capable but slightly warped.  He is
basically highly competent, intelligent and OK, but with a tendency to
try to take advantage of situations and then getting reamed by people
who were smarter in that area than he was.
     In the past three or four months partly as a result of remarks I
had made from time to time, and a session which had not gone very deep,
he decided to respond to some promotion from the Church in Orange
County.  Some phone reg tried to get him in by saying he could get a
job.  When he asked how much money he would make the Reg did not answer.
The Orange County Mission sold him on taking some courses for himself
and his step-daughter.
     He signed up with them together with his step-daughter though he
lives in Moreno Valley more than an hour each way.  Since he signed up
he has read some books, and did a course, called Ups and Downs.  Since
then he's also read Messiah or Madman, and spoken with me.
     So, and this you'll enjoy,
     He asked his mother back East to underwrite the course for him and
a course for her ((step daughter)).  The total charges to be $100.  The
registrar called his mother who party lined with him on the line.  And
his mother authorized $100 against her credit card.  Some time later the
same registrar put a few hundred dollars more of charges on his mother's
card number without his mother's or his own authorization.  He says he
backed up his mother on calling the Credit Card Company and pushing
charges of Fraud.
     He's not been expelled yet, but knows he will be when the Credit
Card Company files a complaint against them ((the Church)) unless of
course they buy the Credit Card Company off.  Last time I spoke to him
he was still taking his step daughter there hoping that she could finish
and earn a certificate to give her a win.
     He came to see me yesterday and I started him on training and
auditing, mostly clearing up things he had confused or didn't know at
all.  I spent over an hour's time clearing the alphabet which counts as
both training and auditing, so that he could study better and so that he
could help his kids and wife with some thing simple.
     To get him to a full understanding of Comm Lag and also to teach
him a tool to use with his daughter I worked on him to recite the
alphabet backwards.  He eventually got it but it took a couple of hours.
When he got to the point where he was picking up his own errors I told
him to flatten it off by himself.  Prior to that he made errors and
didn't realize it.  One might do it talking into a tape recorder and
spotting the errors that way.
     He says his three boys are responding well and his Viet Namese wife
somewhat.  She speaks English moderately well but had no schooling in
Viet Nam, so doesn't even read Viet Namese.  The only one he hasn't been
able to help much yet is his step-daughter.
     As for the Church, I of course don't care one way or the other
whether he remains in contact with the church, as I know that he will
not and cannot betray me to the church, for I do nothing they can act
     First I handled all of his theory questions.  His first question
was on Cycle of Action.  To answer that I first took up the Cycle of
Control.  Cycle of control was easy and I illustrated it by having him
obey a few commands of Start-Change-Stop.  It was clear from this that
he was weak on Start.
     Cycle of Action took a little longer.  I got that across to him in
terms of mental mock ups.  I had him mock up a car and age the mock up.
Then destroy it and finally cease to create the parts.  After that he
could see that it could also apply to the physical universe if you
postulate a god.
     He wanted to know why I said ARCU instead of ARC = U and why I put
forth KRCC instead of KRC.  I just showed him that U interacted with the
other points, and that KRCC (Knowing Responsibility Control and
Creation) should be renamed KCCC for (Knowing, Causing, Controlling, and
     He had read through the first two parts of DMSMH leaving out book
Three per my advice.  I sent him my own materials in place of that.  I
then ran him dianetically on his parking lot and subsequent trauma, to
give him a good subjective reality on the process.
     He had said that on reading DMSMH he had felt feelings of being
tied down, etc.  So I had him run reading the book and then asked for an
earlier incident, That earlier incident started with his daughter
yelling in the parking lot as though he was physically abusing her.  It
was a bad Secondary with bits of Engram including time in jail.  We went
over that several times from his view point, scanning up to PT each time
for any related experiences.  Then similarly from each viewpoint i.e.
wife, child, mob, police, courts etc, and he ended up quite cheerful.
It was obvious there was a past life incident but I made no effort to go
earlier to it.
     I put the final touches on this by running causative O/W.  "What
have you done that you could have done otherwise?  Why didn't you?
     What could you have done that you didn't do?  Why not?
     By the way have you heard the news reports of the guy who
"remembers" being molested by a Catholic Cardinal twenty years ago.  I
suspected he was in "counselling" and he was.  Ron was fairly right
about a great many psychiatrists.  Rush Limbaugh just gave some radio
and TV air time to an organization to publicize facts on False Memory
Syndrome during psychiatric treatment.  Dr.  Laura Schlesinger also
mentioned a group fighting for recognition of the False Memory Syndrome
and providing help to people for court cases.  I would think that "False
Memory Syndrome" produced by the psychiatric community would be
something the church could direct some of its attention against instead
of harassing Independents.
     ((Unfortunately the Church itself is prone to attacks on the basis
of stirring up false memories, with all their past lives and womb stuff.
The subject of verifying memories becomes of tantamount importance when
it comes to criminal court cases that can ruin and destroy lives.
Personally I believe that memories can be suppressed, but I also know
that people at delusion and below on the awareness characteristic chart
can pull in dub in on their tracks, especially motivator type dub in,
"all those endless unforgivable horrible things done to me" etc.
     The answer to this of course is not taking it to court, but getting
the pc to run when they did it to others.  In the case of child abuse,
this would mean in a past life.  Once you get both sides of the coin
running, the dub-in will vanish and the true incidents will come to the
surface.  Beings who can't remember their past lives will generally be
motivator hungry anyhow because they have 100 billion years of
unconfessed regret.
     Thus when someone starts screaming about how bad they have been
treated in this life, one finds the earlier co excused withhold to run
it out.  The REALITY OR TRUTH of the incidents is not important, unless
you are trying to sue someone in court for some motivator you received.
But that is just another motivated overt.  They do something to you and
you get them back for it.  It actually charges up the chain more than it
is worth.  Revenge is a drug.   You can never fill a black hole, you can
only source it and vanish it.
     The truth is that running the motivator alone will not help nor
cure nor even release the preclear from their suffering, so the first
thing to do is run the past life co excused withhold ALONG with the
motivator in this life (child abuse or whatever) and once the preclear
is high toned about it, they will be able to deal with the perpetrator
against them in this life as they wish they had been dealt with in a
past life when they were the perp.  It probably won't be in court,
unless it has to be to get them to stop.
     As for the False Memory Syndrome, remember that for each guilt in a
past life that you do not remember there will be a motivator in this
life that you have no inkling of either.  Also for each motivator that
you do not remember in this life, there HAS to be a forgotten co excused
withhold in a past life.  It is absolutely impossible to forget just one
incident.  Forgetfulness of the kind we are talking about here,
necessarily comes in overt/motivator or motivator/overt pairs.  There
are no exceptions.
     This is because forgetfulness is CAUSED by the two opposing forces
in the two incidents, one an outflow (overt) and the other an inflow
(the motivator).  It doesn't matter which happened first, but you do
need to find out which happened first in order to run it.  (Just ask.)
     Usually the motivators that the person is screaming about, are the
ones he KNOWS about and aren't what is wrong with the person in the
first place.  They serve to cover up what is really eating at the
person, and as such, he won't want to let go of them no matter how
horrendous they seem.  Any KNOWN motivator is more comfortable to the
preclear than the unknown motivators in this life, and the co excused
withholds that underlie them in past lives.
     The known motivator acts as a distraction so that the unknown
overt/motivator pair can remain concealed, and the pressure of its black
hole contained.
     In the case of forgotten child abuse, a common occurrance, once you
find the unknown withheld motivator of it happening to them in this
life, the corresponding unknown withheld overt of them doing it to
another in a past life will pop into view as swamping guilt.
     Often the guilt is misconstrued as coming from something they did
in THIS life to bring on the abuse.  This is because they are forbidden
to consider that they have lived before, but since the feelings of guilt
are real, they MUST put it somewhere, so it usually ends up being
assigned to something in this life.  But there IS nothing in this life
of that magnitude.  So it becomes a wrong why and a wrong indication,
and the pc gets worse, or goes into a make wrong of the guilt.
     If the guilt is not properly run, in its own space and time, the pc
will just get worse for being restimulated once again and not having the
charge pulled, or in other words, for having the earlier withhold
MISSED.  (See ADO-6, The True Nature of Missed Withholds.)
     Since missed withhold charge leads to ARC breaks, the preclear will
eventually descend down tone into permanent solid bitterness.  They
certainly won't like what ever did them in.  Joke is, they will end up
disliking the auditor worse for missing the withhold.))
     B. Robert Ross
     7826 Foothill Blvd
     Sunland, CA 91040