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                                ROSS - 6
                              6 March 1994
                   Copyright (C) 1994 B. Robert Ross.
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     Doc no. 162 v2 ROSS TECHNICAL REVELATIONS Mar 6 1994 Rev Mar 8
     I was auditing a PC the other day and after handling his
contributions to his problems he was still complaining of of a stomach
     I decided to handle it using an old old procedure, "Hellos and OKs"
I asked him to say "Hello," to the center of that unpleasant feeling in
his guts.  He immediately told me that there seemed to be a committee of
entities clustered together.
     This brought home to me that it can be important to know various
techniques of exorcism.  Exorcism as a way to handle unpleasant feelings
and behaviors has been around for a long time.  The movie 'The Exorcist"
shows exorcism as attempted by a Catholic priest.  Many other similar
techniques also exist.
     I did not and do not believe that one's troubles basically stem
from others.  Each of us has created his own life with his own
decisions.  While it is helpful to start out with effects or motivators,
i.e. sources of trouble outside one's self, that is only a starting
point, which if not pursued further leaves one with the consideration of
being effect rather than cause.  That is always the result of letting a
client talk only of what's been done to him or her and is the reason
much of "modern" psychotherapy worsens rather than helps people.
     Running "What's been done to an individual," rather than "What the
individual did or failed to do," causes the individual to feel that they
are victims to be pitied and helped not causative beings who can create
their own lives.
     So, when doing any form of entity handling to resolve a condition,
it is important, after the crisis has been handled, to find the person's
own cause, the person's own decisions that permitted others to make that
undesired effect.  (Whether those others had or did not have bodies i.e.
were carnate or discarnate entities.)
     ((This is why the most powerful entity handling process I know is
     "Are you withholding another being?"
     Entities tends to cluster around and encrust the various parts of
the primary GPM that the person is opposing in himself.  The GPM is what
is wrong with him, not the entities which are impacted on it, usually by
the pc's own efforts to withhold himself, withhold (oppose) his own
goals, and withhold other beings around him, whether carnate or not.))
     In all cases the entity or entities whether alive or dead, carnate
or discarnate are directly addressable in session and are directly
addressed, as though they were physically present.  If the client is
aware of their location, fine, the client can direct his communication
to that location.  If the client is not aware of the location of the
entity being addressed, i.e.  MOTHER or WIFE, alive or dead, then a doll
or a name on a sheet of paper can serve as a relay point for the client
to focus on.
     If the client or some other person is available with suitable
psychic sensitivity or ability, full two-way communication is attempted.
Here are some techniques I am familiar with or have developed for
handling entities.
     Before listing these however, I want to repeat that I think that
entity handling is a stop gap procedure, a kind of mental crutch which
is useful until the cause level of the person, suffering from the
presence of entities, increases to the point that the person is able to
directly perceive and handle those entities, without outside help.
     Why is a person susceptible to being influenced unknowingly by
entities?  The reason that a person is susceptible to being the effect
of an entity is because the person himself is an entity.  As part of the
rules of the life game we are playing, he has agreed that he as an
entity has or has had, but lost and can regain, the ability or power to
influence or communicate to other entities, whether carnate or
discarnate, and that they in turn can communicate to him.
     Think of a tennis game.  To play tennis you hit a tennis ball with
a tennis racquet to another being in a body who has agreed to receive it
and attempt to return it, by hitting it with his tennis racquet,
provided only that the ball if not touched by him, would have bounced
within the space allotted to him on his side of the net.  You lose the
point if your ball bounces outside of his allotted space.  He wins the
point if he hits the ball so that it bounces or would have bounced
within your allotted space and you are unable to return it to bounce
inside his allotted space.
     The same rule is agreed upon and is binding on both parties.
Similarly when driving a car.  You agree to obey traffic rules and
ignorance of or forgetting the rules is not an acceptable excuse.  You
still lose your point.
     In the game of life, we are following many rules, some of which we
have forgotten we agreed to.  In general terms, the individual entities,
YOU, I, and OTHERS have agreed that we can cause effects on others and
that they in turn can cause effects on us.
     However, we have managed, as part of the game, to not consciously
know some of the games we are playing, to the point where we are unaware
that some of the effects we are receiving come from other entities, and
often are not even aware of the existence of these other entities, even
when such entities are present individually or in large numbers.
     You are moderately aware, those of you reading this, of those
entities around us who have physical bodies, but mostly unaware of those
entities around us without bodies of their own.  It has been said, that
some entities, spirits, ghosts, devils, etc, without physical bodies of
their own seem to take up residence within our physical bodies.  Other
entities, on the other hand, seem instead to visit every now and then.
There are many many ways entities can manifest or be perceived to exist.
     Whether in bodies or bodiless, entities come singly, or in groups.
One PC I handled discovered that the emotion he had been unable to get
rid of for many years came not from an individual but from the High
School Marching Band he had been part of.
     A mob is another kind of grouping or clustering of individuals.  A
person injured in a riot needs to run out the feelings of the mob as a
group as well as the feelings of other individuals as individuals in
order to fully run out the incident.  A friend of mine told me of
running a Viet Nam war veteran who was stuck in an incident where one of
his buddies threw himself on a grenade, sacrificing himself to save the
rest from severe or fatal injury.  The incident did not blow, until the
PC had run the incident from all other viewpoints including the
viewpoint of the guy who had thrown himself on the grenade.
     A group may be a committee knowingly joined together for a common
purpose or a mob joined together unknowingly by a violent emotion or
sensation.  Whether a group is a committee or a mob, such a clustering
invariably has less ability to intend a result than a single individual,
this is because the intentions of a committee or a mob are the resultant
of conflicting pulls and pushes many of which cancel each other out.
     As I stated earlier, the most desirable thing for the individual is
to spot his own decisions, choices or postulates which have made him
susceptible to being affected by entities carnate or discarnate in his
environment.  But, until that point is reached, it is helpful to tackle
individual entities and groups of entities and persuade them to leave.
     The most persuasive action to use on a bothersome entity is to
audit that entity.  (By audit, I mean both Question and Answer type
auditing plus Assessing for and Indicating By Passed Charge.)
     ((By Passed Charge is charge that has been restimulated but not
blown.  The Bank is a little like a capacitor, every time a painful
incident is aroused out of the memory, the being throws new attention
units at it in protest, some of which never come back to him but stick
to the incident forming a thicker ridge of NOT IS.  This is By Passed
Charge.  The being "goes by it", he doesn't notice that he is losing
more and more attention units every time he tries to push a bad memory
back down again.))
     Some entities both carnate or discarnate, who really want help are
afraid to ask for it or to receive it.  When that is the case, one must
first assess for the kinds of things that would make them unwilling to
be audited. e.g.  Out Lists, Overruns, Wrong Indications or just simply
bad prior auditing, counselling, handling.
     ((Out Lists have to do primarily with the central GPMS on the case
which have very exact items on them.  Items are goals and terminal
names, and opposition goals and opposition terminal names.  A being can
get very ill if his primary GPMs are listed incorrectly and the correct
item is not found, or a wrong item is found.
     An Overrun is when a process is run beyond the flat point, or a
point of erasure.  The preclear then tries to put something where there
is nothing, in order to continue running the process, and he often pulls
in charge as his own that actually belongs to others including entities.
Entities can do this too, they are just preclears like everyone else.
     Wrong indications are the result of incorrect evaluation by one
person for another as to WHY the person has a condition or is suffering
from something.  Such wrong indications lead to a worsening of the
condition and a downward spiral of instability.))
     Generally speaking an individual entity or a committee or mob of
entities is bothersome because the entity or entities are in a state of
confusion and don't know who they are or where they are.  Like anyone
else dramatizing an engram, they imagine that they are elsewhere and act
or react in terms of that elsewhere, or elsewhen that they think they
are in.  The result is that they are in a Condition of Enemy or a
Condition of Confusion.
     To help them out of Condition Enemy one merely applies the Enemy
Formula to them by asking repetitively, "Who are you? until they cognite
on who they are.  At that point they often leave spontaneously.  Those
who don't leave spontaneously can be told that that are free to leave.
     If an entity, carnate or discarnate, is in confusion then the thing
to do is to apply a form of the confusion formula.  Ask them to look
around where they are and spot some things.  Then ask to look at where
they were.  Ask several times, "Look where you are, Look where you
were," This will usually be enough to get them oriented and they will
leave.  If not you then use the Enemy formula with them, by asking them
who they are.
     If after they know who they are, they continue to hang around
wanting help ask them to spot the decision that led to them being where
they are.  Use as much choice processing as it takes to free them up.
     Find out whether you are dealing with a committee or a mob by
asking whether the group you spot has resulted from a decision or a
common experience.  ((Decision or choice = committee.  Common or mutual
experience, usually bad, = mob.))
     If you are dealing with a committee use the verbal choice process
on the choice or decision that set up that committee.
     ((The verbal choice process is a reference to a general procedure
that Ross uses called Decision Processing.  It has two parts, one which
asks for actual decisions that were made and is called the 'verbal'
process.  The other asks for experiences that resulted in the condition,
which is called the 'experience' process.))
     If you are dealing with a mob which resulted from a common
experience ask them to go to the beginning of the incident that caused
them to cluster together as a mob.  Continue to use ordinary processing
techniques by asking them to go through the incident, and when they have
done so, follow up by asking whether there an earlier incident, or an
earlier beginning, and continue from there completing the chain of
earlier similar incidents until the mob has dispersed.  Most of the mob
will immediately leave.  Those that remain can be handled as
individuals.  (("Who are you?" or "Where are you?"))
     Occasionally one can run into supermobs consisting of individual
mobs clustered together into a mob of mobs.  You handle this the same
way as an individual mob.  Spot and run the incident causing the
formation of the supermob.  Then run any individual mobs that remain.
     Most of the entities hanging around your body, with nothing better
to do are found to be in a permanent condition of semi-trance in which
they are very suggestible and will take orders and suggestions.  Take
advantage of this by telling them the following:  "You are capable of
recognizing truth when you hear it and lies when you hear them or see
them.  The truth is:"
     "You are an immortal eternal being, you have no mass, no energy, no
wavelength, no location in space or in time except as you postulate and
perceive such things.  You do not need, mass energy, or pictures in
order to survive."
     Then depending upon circumstances you add,
     "You do not have to be ____ in order to survive."
     (What ever it is you have spotted the entity as being, a mass, a
bed post, an energy, a somatic, a circuit in a computer, etc.  You can
also say for good measure,
     "You do not have to be in my space in order to survive."
     "You are free to leave.  Nothing or no one can hold you if you let
go.  You cannot be trapped if you let go of curiosity, desire,
enforcement, resistance, and so on.  You have the right to your own self
determinism.  You have power of choice.  ((You have the right to leave
any game.))"
     "If you want a body, new bodies are available in maternity wards in
hospitals, or repairable bodies are to be found along highways or
emergency rooms, also in hospitals.  You have a choice, you can grow a
young body and have the pleasures and pains of a childhood or you can
choose to repair a broken body.  When repairing a broken body, your new
relatives will be happy to help you "remember who you are."
     Single disembodied entities, are much much easier to audit than
human beings because single entities have single banks whereas human
beings as we find them seem to have multiple or very complicated banks.
Ron said that human beings are actually composite entities, However,
this apparency of being composite is mostly avoided when using choice
processing on the central beingness.  ((The central *I*, the being who
IS the preclear.))
     WARNING:  Entity handling is not the way to higher cause level and
freedom of choice.  Occasionally, it may be useful to handle entities
but only until one spots the decisions that resulted in being the effect
of the thoughts and feelings of those entities.
     Entity handling is a crutch.  Use it only until you can dispense
with it.  Audit entities when they become evident, but only if you can't
find the PC's decision which made him the effect of the entity.
     ((You also want to realize that your preclear has INTENTIONALLY
joined together with other beings some time in the distant past.  A long
time ago we used to operate as GROUPS of beings, maybe 5 to 8 at a time.
Each being in the group had its own ability and technical specialty.
Thus the group as a whole was a very able unit.  Later as beings and
groups collided and got crushed together and into things, even
fragmented, these groups often lost sight of their number, and often
went into an Only One state, where they all thought there was only one
being there, when really there were still a few of them left together.
The conflicts and the unexplained pushes and pulls that resulted led to
enormous confusion and apathy about being able to control oneself.
     Many an implant later on the track was SOUGHT by the being to help
him fix what ailed him, those parts of himself that were 'out of
control' and wouldn't cooperate with him.  He never realized that there
were other beings there too dazed to stand out as single conscious
entities in group.  The being looking for help thought all his buddies
had deserted him long ago.))
     When you have a thought or an emotion that you cannot control or
cause to go away it is most likely not yours.
     Everything you perceive is your own creation.  You perceive only
what you create and put there to perceive.  You perceive not the
environment, but your picture of the environment.
     ((In this sense, there IS no environment, because ALL there is is
your picture of the alleged environment.  Each being has his own picture
to look at.  All beings are on the same point though looking at the
world as if they were on different points separated by space.))
OF THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE.  ((They are the source of PICTURES of a
physical universe, where physical means external 3 dimensional space
time game stream.  The pictures themselves are zero dimensional, they
LOOK like they are 3D but in actuality they have no spatial dimension at
all.  A conscious unit is a zero dimensional operating actuality, whose
purpose is to project apparent multi dimensional virtual operating
     Others agree or not with our creations and we agree or not with
other's creations.  We either create things ourselves and then perceive
them or we copy things created by others and then perceive them.  We do
not perceive the creations of others but only our copy of those
creations.  The formula of communication is followed here, Cause-
Distance-Effect with that which emanated from the Cause point being
duplicated and perceived at the Effect point.
     ((What Ross is saying here is that the external perceivable
universe of space time objects and energy is a virtual reality in the
Conscious Units that are perceiving it.  As in any virtual reality,
there are projected considerations of outside cause and effect, when in
ACTUALITY the whole external reality is orchestrated by an internal
projective Source.  The Source is actual, and the Conscious Units are
actual, and the color form of the projected external light picture is
actual, but the implied external realities are not actual.  It is all a
dream.  The dream is actual, the implied external realities are not.
     An actuality is what is actually true.  A reality is what people
think is true regardless of whether it is actually true or not.  If
something is real to someone, then it is a reality for that person.  To
the degree that a person takes projected realities as actualities, he is
lost in the dream unaware that the solidities and space and time around
him are a picture and a mocked up virtual reality of causes and effects
that never did exist out there.
     For example, in a dream if you throw a ball against a wall and it
bounces off the wall, clearly the REASON for the dream ball bouncing off
the dream wall does not lie in the existence of an actual wall in the
dream having actual causation over the dream ball.  It's a pretended
recreation by a Source third party which IS actual, which is trying to
replicate the action of an actual ball bouncing off an actual wall.
     The same holds true when we are awake.  There is no actual wall
there, only a picture of a wall, and a picture of a ball, which pictures
everyone can make for themselves if they enter the picture of the room
that the ball and you are supposed to be in.  Source orchestrates the
bouncing of the ball off the wall to make it look like an actual wall
and ball exist external to, and independent of, our conscious color form
pictures of them.  Thus Source provides a virtual reality for us to
pretend is true for the purpose of having a game.
     Just as in lucid dreaming, you can either know you are dreaming, or
you can take the dream for actual.  The dream is REAL to you in either
case, you can feel, hear, taste, smell and see the experiences projected
for you by the Dream Machine, but if you don't know you are dreaming you
will think the objects presented in the dream are also actual.  Their
apparenty solidity and 'out thereness' is an illusion born of the
virtual projection.  Believing they are actually out there is falling
into delusion about the illusion of solidity and actuality.
     A lucid dream is merely coming back up out of the delusion about
the illusion and knowing it is all a finely orchestrated illusion.
     What most people consider Reality is usually just delusion on the
illusion of none existent actualities.
     Thus if you have 10 people in a room looking at an apple on a
table, the delusion and reality is that the 10 people are looking at one
apple from 10 different viewpoints.
     The actuality is that 10 people are looking at 10 different apples
from one viewpoint.  All 10 people are located in the same place, each
looking at their own private showing screen of projected reality.  Thus
we can never become alone or separated or lost.  There is no where to go
and no place to get lost to.  SPACE DOES NOT EXIST.
     In fact nothing that we are familiar with in the dream exists in
actuality, neither space, nor time, or solidity nor out thereness,
because the Dream Machine dreams only things which it is not.
     The Dream machine can only dream lies.
     In a sleep dream, when you are walking down a street, you aren't
actually going anywhere, you are reprojecting the picture of space and
time around you over and over again to make it look like you are moving
along.  The same thing holds when you are awake.  When you 'move' you
are not really going anywhere, you are reprojecting the space and time
around you to make it look like you are moving.
     One can actually make a process out of this, just take a walk and
keep in mind that you are not moving, but are moving the space past you.
A thetan in native state instinctively knows that there is no space and
thus no place he can go to.  When he initially creates a projection of
space he is the orientation point in the center, and all of space around
him is defined from his point of view.  He can 'move' anywhere by merely
reprojecting the space around him to be where he wants to 'be'.  He
didn't move anywhere, he merely redrew the picture, or refreshed the
     That is the actuality.
     He can however indulge in a reality more suited to game playing.
He can change his consideration from being stationary in a constantly
redrawn space and time, to being IN an infinite stationary space and
time, and able to move around in it.  He just freezes the space picture
and makes IT look steady and himself like he is moving.  Thus he starts
to define himself and his whereabouts according to the space around him.
He says, "I am here, and now I am over here because I moved." No he
didn't, he didn't move anywhere, but it can be very real to him that he
did move somewhere, because he is getting deeper and deeper BY CHOICE
into the delusions and realities that are afforded by the underlying
actualities of the illusion machine.
     Thus two beings who are actually in the same zero dimensional
place, in an actuality that does not have space or time, can both mockup
a dream with two bodies, one 'owned' by one of the beings and the other
owned by the other.  They can then have the bodies move away from each
other and even become 'lost' to each other separated by so much space
and time that they could never hope to 'find' each other again.  They
are both of them right there in the same place forever for free, yet
they lament they have lost someone near and dear to them because they
have been using Dream machine mockups to know each other by.  Serves
them right, no?
     The main reason that beings don't remember or believe anymore that
the world is a dream is because of the amount of pain in it.
     It is just TOO SAD to lose someone for it all to be a virtual
reality, let alone a self chosen virtual reality for the purpose of
having fun and a game.
     They ask, "Where did the fun go then?"))
     Part of intended communication of individuals, whether carnate or
discarnate is their state of being.  This is communicated with the
intention of being duplicated and admired or perhaps as a bid for
sympathy.  People endeavor to communicate their aches and pains in order
to be sympathized with for their suffering or perhaps admired for their
ability to function despite their pains.  Or admired for the roles they
are playing.
     When I say communicate one's state of being I do not only mean
words about it, or facial expressions or twisted bodies as expressions
of felt pain but communicating the pain itself.  Thus if you feel a pain
you did not knowingly create, more than likely what you are feeling is a
copy of a pain created and being experienced by another.
     It often takes no more than recognizing that one did not intend to
create a particular undesired thought or sensation, to realize that it
is not yours.  At that moment the undesired thought, sensation or pain
will usually vanish.  When it diminishes but does not immediately
vanish, one needs to recognize that one has not viewed the entire truth
of the matter.
     Things that vanished when you spotted that they were created by
another vanished because you had spotted the entire truth of that
     If a perception diminished but did not completely vanish, that is a
sign that you spotted part of the truth of the creation of that
perception but did not spot the whole truth of its creation.
     More of the truth might be that the guy you got it from was not the
original creator of that perception but had copied it from someone else.
The pain or other perception, may not vanish until one spotted all the
relay points that copied that creation between you and its originator.
Let's say that you have a pain in the chest which could have been
serially misowned 57 times before you picked it up.  You could have
gotten it from mother, who got it from grandmother, who got it from
great grandfather, etc back 57 generations.
     Today, half your family complains of a pain in the chest, also
other people you know or have read about have also suffered from a pain
in the chest.
     The pain in the chest will have gotten considerably weaker at this
point but is not completely gone.  So you look some more and notice each
person you know who had a pain in the chest this lifetime, thinking it
was only their own.  At this point it blows.
     If you were to diagram this as a form of demo, you would end up
with a fan of lines and nodes starting at one point, spreading out from
the source, with other fan outs from other nodes.  Then you add lines
from you to all other points where you picked it up or became aware of
it.  The full anatomy is number of times serially misowned plus number
of times parallel picked up.
     A typical family condition might have thirty serial and ten
parallel.  A typical humanly widespread condition, like angina pains,
might have a hundred trillion serial misownerships plus 248.000 parallel
pickups on the part of your PC.
     The same type of analysis can be made for aches, pains, thoughts
and sensations picked up from discarnate entities.  They also often get
it from each other, or may have picked it up at a time when they had
bodies of their own.  What you are picking up may have been created a
long time ago and far far away.  All you need to do is to spot the
number of times it has been serially misowned before you picked it up,
and the number of different sources you picked it up from in parallel
thinking it was a separate independent creation.  Any thought, any
belief, any consideration, any sensation, any perception, any ache or
pain, that you did not knowingly create yourself was created by someone
else and relayed to you as described above.
     Furthermore, once you pick up a pain, entities in your space or
body may copy that ache, pain, thought or sensation and by so doing
amplify it, spread it around, sort of resonate with it.  So when you
pick up something it is also smart to check whether anyone else copied
it as well and get them to recognize that they have done so and to let
go of it.  This is how a small wound spreads sensitivity and pain to
more and more parts of the body.  It is simply the same pain copied over
and over.
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