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HELP AND INSTRUCTIONS Directory: /ucp ucp13.memo Where have you been? ucp12.memo I have repeatedly asked KP to give me ONE fundamental ucp11.memo TECH TALK #1 ucp10.memo UCP and BT's ucp9.memo I been thinking more about this. ucp8.memo Let me reword this, if he and his UCPer's WANT a new group. ucp7.memo UCP V2.0 ucp6.memo Here is more from the 40 page post that no body read, ucp5.memo Here's another difference between UCP and Scn. ucp4.memo It is one thing to say that BT's are too dangerous to audit, ucp3.memo Another difference between UCP and Scn is KP claims that service ucp2.memo Here is another similarity between UCP and Scn. ucp Scientology is the science of knowing how to know. ucp0.memo Here is another similarity between UCP and Scn.

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