UCP and BT's

     So the pc is sitting in this huge auditorium filled with other
beings, except the pc is unaware of these other beings in the seats
around him, but they are very aware of him, although many of them are
kind of sonambulent.

     The pc, feeling he is alone, starts to audit 'himself' with UCP and
starts to spot things in the past present and future, and comparing

     The problem is the pc is unaware of his true present state, that he
is in an auditorium filled with other beings.  So his spotting of
present time is limited to what he is aware of.

     Then one day he finally comes to realizing there are all these
other beings around him, and worse, although he had no idea they were
there, they were all quite aware of him for the whole time and have
actually been running the UCP process with every command the pc was
running along with him.  These other beings however had no one to give
their communications to as the pc was unaware of them, and they aren't
very good at communicating with each other yet.  They all think they are
alone too except for the pc!

     So the pc becomes aware of all these other beings and suddenly he
is flooded with incoming UCP answers from all of them.

     He has to go into Witness mode real fast and handle it all!

     So now he begins to understand some things.

     He understands why sometimes the answers that came up to his own
questions were not his own, and if he invalidated them as not his
material or of questionable worth and refused to run it, he would get in

     He also understands why sometimes his own sessioning would just bog
and he couldn't figure out why.  Someone else needed session and their
masses were overwhelming the pc!

     He understands why his dreams can sometimes be so wild and
unrelated to him.

     So the pc wants to remain master of ceremonies, and everyone else
wants him to also.  So now when he goes into session, he becomes aware
of the whole crowed as best he can and says,

     "OK, anyone want a session?"

     Then he runs UCP on whatever and who ever comes up, making very
sure not to invalidate who or what comes up and keeping track of what is
his and what may not be.

     Like if someone answers up in your nose, you might find out what it
is, Bt, Cluster, Demon, Deity, God, Elemental, 9 to 5er, just another
guy in a body in another city connected to you, etc.  Then you find out
what it wants to say, maybe the item is "Suppressive to memory".

     Then you find out WHOSE memory it is suppressive to, maybe its
yours, may be not, maybe its suppressive to its OWN Memory, maybe it has
a death that clustered it, used to be a happy demon, now its entombed in
a cluster of demons, mad as hell.  It's problems with its memory may be
affecting yours etc.

     It's certainly enough to give you a headache and a stuffed nose.

     But you can't audit this demon on what it is doing to YOU, you see?
You have to audit it on what it is doing period, in this case what it is
doing is to itself and you just happen to be in the line of fire.  This
takes a lot of cool and compassion on the part of the witness, you.

     It is a common problem in Scn that when you start talking about
auditing BT's, people start thinking about GETTING RID OF THEM.

     This comes from Hubbard and OT III.  You have to remember that OT
III is a very specific incident.  Whether or not it actually happened is
not being taken up here, but Hubbard thought it did.  In OT III, beings
from all over the local cluster of stars were brought to earth, bombed,
and then packaged together in clusters AGAINST THEIR WILL.

     These beings do not want to be together, so when one is auditing
such a package, the E/P is that BT goes clear and blows.  That is as it
should be.  Maybe some will hang around and become spiritual team mates,
but most will probably want to go off and take a rest for a while, find
their old lives and places and pick up where they left off.

     But the total number of OT III BT's compared to the total number of
other beings we are connected to in the auditorium is miniscule.

     MOST of the beings that will answer up in session are actually part
of the your composite, we don't WANT them to leave any more than you
want your heart or lungs to leave.  But we do want to audit them, clear
them, so that they can come up tone and cooperate as part of the
composite rather than resist their slow decline into spiritual oblivion.

     Believe it or not even the demons and deities can be part of the
composite, some of them are very big, one demon or deity per 1 million
or more bodies, so if you clear one of these guys, you affect a lot of

     Demons from one body group can get clustered with demons from
another body group, and the two composites become confused and start to
fail to operate properly.  It takes quite a whopper of an incident to do
this, like the bombing of a city or Hiroshima, or an earthquake etc.
You get near this stuff and you are just SURE you are going to be blown
out of your head and your body turned into dust in the wind.

     Well, love, that's what happened.

     When Beezelbub answers up breathing fire, are you going to be able
to say "Cool!" and not miss a command or an ack?

     Of course.

     It is tempting to ask "But who am I to audit a God?"

     Well he's YOUR God, you created him AS a God, "he who made him can
approach unto him." The auditor is superior, the God is subservient.
Unless you flinch or cringe, in which case you just gave up your seat of

     Thus I would suggest that if you want your UCP sessions to go
better, you need to develop a facility in switching quickly between pc
and Witness and being able and willing to audit everyone around you,
no matter how weird or dangerous it might seem.

     Even if you can't *SEE* other beings, you can usually feel them
with either effort or emotion or ideas.  As they answer up you can
feel their incoming communications, just take what comes and run with

     The Auditorium is *BIG*, light years across if not multiple


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