Another difference between UCP and Scn is KP claims that service
fac's, righteous computations, GPM terminals, goals and items either do
not exist or are unimportant to audit.

    He talks about being down in enemy.  Well yes GPMS are an enemy
phenomenon, at least the lower level implant ones are.

    But if one is in a GPM, better to run it out rather than ignore it.

    Perhaps one can run it out by using some process that does not
address it, but one day the GPM will have to come to view and the
items handled.

    GPMS have the mass and size of a house, one is not going to get
more clear by pretending the things aren't there.

    Now KP has claimed many times that he has done the entire
Scientology Bridge, and perhaps that is so.

    But he probably HAS NOT done R2-12 or any of the related
GPM proceses, except maybe some solo fool around.

    So since he hasn't done them, how can he talk about them?

    Further I think it is time for KP to tell us how much
Scientology *TRAINING* he received, what Class auditor he became,
how many hours of auditing he did in the Church and what happened
with those pcs that he audited.


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