It is one thing to say that BT's are too dangerous to audit,
quite another to say that they don't exist.

    Truth is, REAL BT's *ARE* too dangerous to audit for most people.
The best they can do is deny them.

    I don't mean the little guys from OT III, I mean the real stuff.

    Me, I am deep in the middle of it, AND dying.

    No way back, UCP can't touch this stuff.

    Most UCPer's can't even admit the stuff is there to touch.

    That is fine with me if they don't want to audit BT's.

    Some day they will have to.

    Nemesis One awaits.

    And yes, if you aren't willing to die in session, you WILL die.

    You may die anyhow.

    So leave BT's alone.

    Nemesis One is definitely the channel that is better left closed.


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