I first met Lawrence West in 1968 while we were engaged in
a coarse of metaphysical study in an earlier human potential field practice.
At first, his mild manner and non assuming behavior led me to believe that
he was underpowered as a being and thus subject to manipulation and
subsequent suppression.  I found out quite differently over the next thirty

When he was given destructive orders by this Human Potential group that
contradicted his heart felt purpose and his right to choose he set a bold
and daring coarse of technical inventiveness and dissemination.  He thus
became a founder in the independent field of clearing practitioners.  He
chose to speak the truth rather than "the party line" as he has often
referred to it as.  

This mild mannered gentleman proceeded to vigorously write numerous
technical clearing procedures and boldly distributed them by mail and on his
many world tours of free zone centers.  His motive was never profit but the
love of communicating a newly discovered truth.  He demonstrated that a mild
mannered, quiet person could start a private, free zone clearing practice,
train clearing practitioners, harmoniously interface with other practices
and get the job done with both integrity and results.  He never had to
resort to hard sell, over blown PR or ego based fan fare.

Lawrence made a pioneer contribution to the free zone and lovingly
interfaced with many behavioral organizations. He continually demonstrated
that indeed the only real enemy is ones own reactive resignation to a
consciously created, heart felt purpose once intended.

Lawrence processed me for many hours over those thirty years and I also had
the pleasure of receiving many hours of processing from students that he had
trained.  He also housed and fed me during some of those intensives.  He was
always open to new data and never believed that he was beyond learning
something new.  I never saw him make someone wrong for following a line of
research.  He found no contradiction in mastering the subjects of clearing,
hypnosis, eastern religion (Self Inquiry), est and constitutional
patriotism.  I also remember him for being one who frequently laughed at
himself, seldom taking himself too seriously.  He enrolled people to laugh
with him and thus few ever laughed at him.  He was often so painfully honest
about his perceived short coming's that I could not help loving the man who
persevered with so little pretense.  He was a staunch supporter of my
research of psychotronic instrumentation and healing equipment, even in the
very early days.  He was not afraid to take a chance.

I believe as I search my heart for the spirit of Lawrence West that the one
word that characterizes his beingess most is openness.  Openness to truth
was his basic code, I believe, this openness allowed him to embrace and
successfully integrate so many diverse technologies.  This successful action
opened the space for his becoming the true and valuable teacher and friend
that he was for so many.  I will love you to the end of time Lawrence for
the love and freedom that you have given me.   

When at times dear reader you get stressed out I suggest that you take a
deep nap and go to the upper astral plane and get some processing from
Lawrence, I am sure the trip will do you good.  

I also want to thank Jayne Taylor West now married to wonderful Lamont
Johnson for her loving support of Lawrence that helped generate so many good
and productive years for this truly dedicated and purposeful servant of truth. 

 I will miss you dear friend.  When I leave my body for the final time you
are one of those who's smiling and tender energies I hope to embrace.  Help
me through an incident - one more time.  Good by till then, God bless your
ascension.  You truly deserve the best for you are truly one who has given
such.  May you find completion in infinite love.  

If you would like to share any Lawrence stories call me at (415) 868-9050 or
contact me at my web site at http://t-hyp.com/ori.


Norman McVea Ph.D.